“American Summer”
Summer Box
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The Summer 2020 Special Delivery Box is perfect to help you show off your cooking skills at your next picnic, backyard barbecue, baby shower or family party. Share these recipes, kitchen gadgets, tools and more at your next outdoor celebration.


“American Summer” Summer Box


“American Summer” Book and Recipe Cards, Taste of Home


“American Summer” Book, Taste of Home


Shredding Meat Claws, BBQ Butler


Dimple Ice Cream Scoop, Joseph Joseph


Mini Supoon, Dreamfarm


Stuffed Burger Maker, Nordic Ware


3-Piece Condiment Container, Joie


Cane Sugar Pink Lemonade, Gustav Vitae

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American Summer Book

Taste of Home

Celebrate the flavors of everyone’s favorite season with Taste of Home American Summer Cookbook. Inside you’ll discover 253 specialties that are ideal for any warm-weather meal, party or potluck, or simply perfect for some fun-in-the-sun snacking!

Shredding Meat Claws

BBQ Butler

Use these sharp claws to shred pork, beef or chicken with ease—even if the meat is smoking hot. They also help with other grilling and kitchen tasks, including lifting, transferring and stabilizing foods for slicing.
Dimple Ice Cream Scoop
Joseph Joseph
The dimples in this gadget are cute—and they also serve a purpose. Once you’ve got your ice cream in the scooper, you’ll notice it releases easily. That’s because the dimples create air pockets, which reduces the vacuum effect. You can also stand this scoop upright, and it will catch melty drips on the drip collar.
Mini Supoon
Trust us when we say you’ll be thrilled with all the things this clever kitchen gadget can do. In addition to thoroughly scraping out ingredients from dry measuring cups and mayo, peanut butter, honey and other condiment jars, the Supoon can get every last bit of salad dressing or BBQ sauce from the bottle. Plus, the silicone material can handle the heat, making it a great tool for cooking in nonstick cookware. And the bent handle prevents the Supoon from touching the counter or cutting board, which keeps your countertops cleaner.

Stuffed Burger Maker

Nordic Ware

The Taste of Home Test Kitchen has tested plenty of burger presses over the years, but we especially like this one for its simplicity and ease of use. Tips: Because the burger patties are thinner and won’t take long to cook, fill them with pre-cooked filling versus raw. And, to ensure cheese stuffings melt properly, use pre-shredded cheeses over hard cheeses.

3-Piece Condiment Container


These handy containers are ideal for storing individual servings of thicker condiments like ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, guacamole, salsa and salad dressings, or spreads like jams, peanut butter and honey. You can also fill them with toppings like granola or dried fruits for adding to yogurts or breakfast parfaits, as well as nuts, sunflower seeds or bacon bits for salads.

Cane Sugar Pink Lemonade

Gustav Vitae

Rim mocktails and cocktails with this tart pink sprinkle. And use it to garnish baked and no-bake summer treats. The Taste of Home Test Kitchen loves that this and other Gustav Vitae seasonings and spices are hand-crafted in small batches with local ingredients and that they come in magnetized tins for neat and tidy stacking.

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