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Handmade Gifts”
Fall Box

$49.95 plus shipping

This box includes a specially curated assortment of traditional homemade recipes, helpful gadgets and fun winter ingredients sure to make you feel festive.


Handmade Gifts Box


Handmade Food Gifts & Handmade Christmas Books, Recipe Cards


Handmade Food Gifts & Handmade Christmas, Taste of Home


Scoop & Sift, Tovolo


Gingerbread Cookie Mix, Stonewall Kitchen


Icing Bottles, Sweet Sugerbelle


Christmas Tree Sprinkles, Sweetapolita


Chocolate Tree Pretzel Rod Candy Mold, Confectionery House


Pretzel Party Bags, Wilton


Cupcake Toppers, Sophistiplate

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Scoop & Sift

This sifter serves a great purpose in baking—it catches lumps in flour and other dry ingredients before they make it into your batter.” says Senior Food Stylist Shannon Norris.

Handmade Food Gifts & Handmade Christmas Books


Looking for a way to give family and friends something more personal this holiday season? Flip through the pages of these books for ideas and inspiration.
Gingerbread Cookie Mix
Stonewall Kitchen
This sweet and satisfying mix lets you cut to the (decorating) chase. All you need is the royal icing.
Icing Bottles
Sweet Sugerbelle
“This is my favorite tool for decorating all those pretty holiday treats.” ~ Food Stylist Josh Rink. Josh worked his magic on some of the most beautiful and whimsical cookies and cakes in this year’s Christmas Cookie Baking Guide.

Christmas Tree Sprinkles


“Another easy way to add pizazz to cookies, cakes, candies and other holiday treats is with a few shakes of this darling sprinkle mix. And it’s vegetarian and kosher. Bonus!” ~ Chief Content Officer Beth Tomkiw

Chocolate Tree Pretzel Rod Candy Mold & Pretzel Party Bags

Confectionery House / Wilton

“These pretzel candy molds are perfect for making homemade food gifts.” ~ Sarah Farmer, Executive Culinary Director. Her tip: after the molds are set, drizzle with additional chocolate then add a touch of sprinkles. Turn your dipped treats into decadent party favors with the clear Wilton Pretzel Bags.

Cupcake Toppers


For those times when you need to play dress-up quickly, or make holiday appetizers and brunch a bit cuter, you now have Santa toppers.

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