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“One Pot Favorites”
Spring Box

$49.95 plus shipping

In this box you will find gadgets, recipes and more, perfect for creating delicious menus with less fuss and fewer dishes. So don’t wait! Get yours today and thank yourself for all of the hard work you do.


“One Pot Favorites” Spring Box


“One Pot Favorites” Spring Box


“One Pot Favorites” Book, Taste of Home


“One Pot Favorites” Book and Recipe Cards, Taste of Home


Silicone Spoon Rest, VASCO Global Inc


Serated Knife Colori, Kuhn Rikon


Silicone Scrubbie, Joie


Chop2Pot, Joseph Joseph


Clip N’ Drain, Chef’s Planet


Elevate Ladle, Joseph Joseph

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One Pot Favorites Book
Taste of Home

If you’re a fan of efficiency but love to prepare delicious meals for your family, this cookbook will get lots of use in your kitchen. It features hundreds of meals that can be cooked in a single pot, pan or skillet – one and done!

Clip N’ Drain

Chef’s Planet

Our Test Kitchen team loved the idea of this gadget as a replacement for clunky and hard-to-store colanders and strainers. We tested the Clip N’ Drain with potatoes, pasta, ground beef and green beans. We even tested it with canned corn. Overall, it performed great!
Joseph Joseph
This might be the smartest little cutting board you’ll ever own! You can transfer chopped ingredients from the nonporous cutting surface to your cookware simply by squeezing the handle and directing the food from the chute into the pot or skillet. It’s perfect for small food prep in small places!
Silicone Scrubbie
We love that this nifty kitchen helper won’t scratch nonstick pans or metal bakeware. And it’s versatile—you can also use it dry to remove lint and hair from your clothing.

Serated Knife Colori

Kuhn Rikon

These little paring knives are highly useful kitchen tools. The serrated edge makes slicing through tomatoes so easy—it catches the skin instead of crushing through the tomato like a straight-edged knife. It’s also a great portable knife for a picnic or the beach.

Elevate Ladle

Joseph Joseph

Bakers and treat-makers of all kinds appreciate these cupcake liners, which are sturdy enough to stand on their own in the oven. That means no need for a cupcake pan—or the cleanup. They’re also perfect for non-baked sweets. You can bundle barks and brittles in the strong paper cups, as well as truffles, and holiday snack mixes. Talk about versatile!

Silicone Spoon Rest

VASCO Global Inc

Funky and fun, We love the cool design of this useful gadget. Easy to clean and heat resistant to 500°F, it has tiny raised nibs that suspend spoons, ladles and other cooking utensils, with a shallow bowl that catches all the pesky drips.

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