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“Slow & Steady”
Spring 2022 Box

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This season’s collection of Special Delivery Box goodies is designed to make you happy with fresh and simple solutions to your everyday undertakings in the kitchen. What will make you even happier is adopting a set-it-and-forget-it mindset to meal preparation! Each item in this Box is meant to make your time in the kitchen more efficient and easier – so there’s more time for other things. No matter the time of year, you’ll find a tasty selection of recipes that are big on flavor and yet fuss-free.

5 ingredient Comfort Food Cookbook


Slow Cooker Liners


When our prep kitchen team gears up for slow-cooker recipe contests, they make sure they’re well-stocked with this time-saving product that eliminates the need to clean. Just add the liner to the crock, toss in your ingredients and finish your meal with a smile, knowing there’s no scraping, scrubbing or soaking to tackle. More time at the dinner table and less time at the sink? I’m all about it!

Glide Mat

While this may look and feel like a mouse pad, it’s designed for a different use. This handy helper sits underneath countertop appliances (like a slow cooker, stand mixer, coffee maker, toaster and more), allowing you to easily slide and maneuver gear without having to lift or drag. I love that it’s trimmable for a clean, custom fit!

Slotted Spoon

Range Kleen

Slotted spoons can go untouched in the utensil holder for days and weeks on end. And then, boom—you need to fish out meatballs from the slow cooker or eggs from boiling water. Jobs like these call for the straining, draining power of the mighty slotted spoon. We’ve got you covered with this sleek-looking, durable (and dishwasher safe) Taste of Home branded version, designed and tested by our Test Kitchen pros.

Lid Pocket

Handy Holder

A big high-five goes out to the inventor of this smart slow-cooker accessory. No more messing around with finding where to place the lid on the countertop—it creates a side pocket for stowing the lid when it’s time to stir or serve. You now have two free hands as you’re going through the line…one to hold your dish and one for serving the food. (Pretty clever, right?)

Fruit & Veggie Brush

Many years ago, someone advised to wash all produce before cutting so the knife doesn’t carry contaminates from the outside into the flesh. I took heed, and now I give a quick scrub-a-dub to almost all my fruits and veggies. I love that this brush offers two bristle strengths—soft (for mushrooms and tender zucchini) and stiff (for potatoes, cantaloupes and other hard produce).

Straw and Bottle Cleaner Brush Set

We’ve washed our fair share of dishes in the Test Kitchen, so it’s no surprise that we love this gadget that makes cleanup a breeze. A quick scrape of a cookie sheet, skillet or saucepan before you start washing means you won’t have to scrub! There are straight edges, curved corners and even a small extended piece that make it possible to get into every nook and cranny. Genius!

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